Sandblasting Beads-Inda

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Inda 25 Kg

Industrial Grade

glass bead impact media for cleaning and conditioning metal surfaces

 Size INDA is typically 300 – 106 Micron Range

Glass Bead Impact Media

  • Are consumed at a slow rate and can survive multiple impacts, allowing for continuous recycling of the media.
  • Are chemically inert and will not leave ferrous or other undesirable residues on the surface of the workpiece.
  • Impart a controlled, clean finish on a variety of metals.
  • Clean quickly without significant metal removal.

Typical Applications For Glass Bead Blasting


  • Cleans and preps the surface of metal parts without changing tolerances, or imparting ferrous pollutants.
  • Combines cleaning, finishing and peening in one operation.


  • Creates a wide range of unique surface finishes that are easy to produce.
  • Blends machine marks, seals pores and the results off the advantage of glass bead peening.


  • Reduces the tensile stress in metal parts, increasing the fatigue limit.
  • Reduces stress corrosion cracking.


  • Removes burrs without damaging the parts and offers a peened surface in one operation.

Glass Bead Facts

Fine Beads

Remove smaller, lighter soil; more impacts per pound; Clean faster; Peen to less intense levels; Peen outer zones of surfaces; Reach into keyways, filletes and small areas; Produce lower surface RA; Produce matte finish; Consume slower at same pressure as course beads; In practice, may consume faster than course beads.