Swivel Head-Dual Mitre Metal Cutting Band Saw

Manufactured in Taiwan

SKU: B067, Model: EB-320DS, Capacity: 310 x 205mm (W x H) Rectangle Capacity, Capacity2: , Brand: HAFCO METALMASTER

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Manufactured in Taiwan

310 x 205mm rectangular capacity
Larger cutting capacity than conventional cold saws
Heavy-duty gear drive system
Ball bearing and carbide blade guides ensures minimal blade clearance wear and increases blade life due to less friction
Blade cleaning brush incorporated into blade guide system
Swivel head double mitre cut to 45º right and left, 60º right
Quick action lock/release lever for swivel head
Coolant system for cutting efficiency and blade life
Material support roller for long stock
Adjustable length stop for repetition cutting
User friendly blade tension system with gauge
Adjustable hydraulic cylinder for auto feed
2-speed motor enabling blade speeds of 35 and 70mpm
Vibration free, low noise operation ensures clean and high precision cuts
Machine stand with integrated cooling fitted as standard
Quick-action lock/release vice
Unique sliding vice design for dual mitre operation


Additional information


Operation Type

Round @ 90º

Round @ 45º

Round @ 60º

Square @ 90º

Square @ 45º

Square @ 60º

Rectangle (W x H) @ 90º

Rectangle (W x H) @ 45º

Rectangle (W x H) @ 60º

Coolant System

Table Working Height

Motor Power

Cutting Head Beam Type

Cutting Head Beam Return

Vice Clamping Fixture

Blade Steps / Speeds

Blade Size (L x W x T)

Weight (nett)