About us

It all started in 1974 with Ang & Mick Fiora making custom motorbike exhausts. In 1976 they built their first factory and in 1978 registered Fiora Metal Products. In the 1980’s we manufactured mining and equiipment, designed and built machinery as well as aluminium fabricating and building custom mobtor bikes. In 1986 we build our Fiora Machiner Showroom and in 1985 Designed and manufactured Fiora Metal products. During the mid 1980’s we also became agents for Hercus lathes, Durden and Brobo products. We imported Runmaster and Wonsen machinery from Tiawan. In the early 1990’s we bacame Hare and Forbes distributors and we still represent them today. We not also represent many other companies and can offer a large range of both metal and woodwork machines. In 1992 steam engine and locomotive manufacture, 1998 Showroom extentions at sevenoaks street, Motor body building and restoration. Thanks for everyones support for the past 40 years.